Fantastic Sushi Masterclass – Ichi Restaurant at the Park Plaza

Ive just been on a great sushi masterclass course with my friend Mima at Ichi Restaurant in the Park Plaza on Westminster Bridge.

Head Chef Sadayuki Okamoto demonstrated a selection of sushi and sashimi dishes from the restaurant menu, such as avocado and cucumber roll, blow torch salmon roll, tuna belly rolls and salmon and cucumber hand rolls. But it was not only demos – it was 2 hours of hands-on sushi making and we were able to get our hands sticky from the beginning.

It was a perfectly small set up with only 10 of us on the course and a person between two to guide us through our own experiments. The hand rolls were really quite tricky to master but we all made pretty impressive ones in the end with the help of the very patient experts on hand. We were shown how to prepare and cut sashimi and we were given tips on the best fish to use and how to tell the freshness of it. The best tip of all was being shown how to dip the tip of the knife in water and then tap the handle on the work surface. This allows just a little water to slide down the blade and it makes cutting the sushi effortless.

We were then able to sit down and eat all our creations. There was so much sushi we were fit to pop by the end and we had enough to take home for supper too!

It was a really fun course that I would highly recommend and I now feel thoroughly inspired to make my own versions at home.

You can also do a sake tasting for an additional cost if you are so inclined. Im sadly still rather wary of the stuff after over enthusiasm for it one evening a number of years ago! It looked fun all the same though!

Thank you Olive magazine for recommending the course. If you fancy trying it too – check out it out here


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